Client Yareal
Type Multi-family residential
Status Constructed in 2018
Total area (underground and above-ground) 10 349 m2
Residential usable area (PUM) 5 040 m2
Usable service area (PUU) 232 m2
No. of flats 84
No. of parking spaces 100 + 15

Rezydencja Chrobrego was designed mainly for residential purposes and complemented by commercial premises. The building is located in the old part of the Włochy district in Warsaw. It is a well-developed area, close to the city centre, with wide range of public transport possibilities, schools, kindergartens, parks, supermarkets. The four-storey building consist of 84 apartments, two commercial premises and underground garage. It is served by 4 staircases and 3 elevators. The priority was to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities throughout the entire project. There are 100 parking spaces in the underground garage and 15 above-ground public parking spaces, including 2 for disabled people. The architecture and form of the building is a modern adaptation of the traditional shape. It was arranged in a C-shape layout with the entrance to the building leading through an internal representative courtyard. The facade is kept in bright colours and its smooth and light surfaces contrast with wooden and dark stone details. Regular glazing in a dark frame gives a modernist style to the building and emphasises its villa character.