Madison Apartments I & II

Complited in 2018 Apricot
Total area (underground and above-ground) 44 834 m2
Residential usable area (PUM) 17 611 m2
Usable service area 2 765 m2
No. of flats 230
No. of parking spaces 372

Madison Apartments is a private housing estate located in a quiet part of
Żoliborz, perfect for those looking for their ideal flat near the centre of
Warsaw, surrounded by green areas and isolated from the bustle of the city.
17 595 sqm of residential area, 2 574 sqm for retail, 230 flats and 394
underground parking spaces.
The housing estate is surrounded by a 44 hectare forest complex and offers
direct access to the Lasek na Kole forest. The Fitness Club Zdrofit offers
additional rest and relaxation possibilities to the residents.
Madison Apartments adheres to the “Design for living” idea with special
attention paid to detail, including the interesting architectural design,
brightness of the flats, functional layouts, facilities, security and privacy.

Project Type:
Residential & Retail
Project Status:
I phase – FINISHED 2016
II phase – FINISHED 2018